Melody in Motion, Learning through Fun!


As your child's first teacher in music, academics and life, you play an intricate role on how well your children will progress in class.


I invite you to join me by taking the "play/learning" tools from our class or party and bring them home to reinforce them. This will allow them to familiarize themselves with the songs taught in class and provide a sense of independence for the next class


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Melody Mom. I suppose it is best to start at the beginning. Since I can remember I always gravitated towards music; as a baby, I was told that I would sing and dance around the house whilst still in diapers. There was something very powerful about music that eventually placed me on a lifetime path of entertaining others and a great journey it has been...

After performing through Elementary School and High School I continued my studies at various reputable Performing Arts Institutions (see below). Leaving me with an eclectic array of experience that I am most happy to share through my teachings. From Regional Theater to National Tours (GREASE!) to Off Broadway (Tony & Tina's Wedding) I have had the fortune to entertain and connect with thousands of thespians across the US, Canada & Japan.


MELODY MOM Trained At:

American Musical and Dramatic Academy - NY, NY

​Tisch School of Arts Program - NY, NY

British Academy of Dramatic Arts - London, United Kingdom

Oxford University - Oxford, United Kingdom


      - Dance                                Tap, Jazz, Ballet 

      - Voice                                  Singing Technique

      - Speech                              Tone/Projection/Inflection

      - Acting                                 Modern & Classical (Shakespeare)

      - Characterization               Stanislavski's Movement & Strasberg's Method

      - Performance Art                Musical Theater, Physical Comedy & Stage Combat


In addition to her career as a performer, Melody Mom was a Child Caregiver and Nanny for many years as well as an instructor for a children's "Mommy and Me" music program. This combination of experience allows for the teachings of early developmental skills while merging rhythmic music and movement. 

After eight years of traveling city to city and country to country on and off; I decided it was time for me to launch an entertainment company called "Sings The Songs Entertainment". For the past ten years I have been singing with various bands of several musical genres such as 50's, Classic Rock, Funk, R&B, Disco, Motown and Pop. I have also performed at many weddings, corporate events and private parties.

With the birth of my precious daughter and son, I found myself winding down the weekend and evening gigs and began looking elsewhere to apply my skills. I knew I wanted to incorporate my years of experience while doing what I love; which is help children learn and laugh. It was not long after that "Melody Mom" was created and there was no looking back.

Today I consider myself a "FUN EDUCATOR" perform, entertain and educate hundreds of children at birthday parties, preschool classes, elementary schools and community events. 

At Melody Mom we are looking to have lots of musical fun, while secretly teaching your children a lesson or two ............ssshhhh. 


Melody Mom AKA Renae Patti-Semeraro ...ssshhhh.

  ​           Melody Mom 


             THAT ALL CHILDREN:





 There is no cookie cutter approach to  teaching children. Each child has their  own way of learning, therefore we try  many different activities to allow each  child to find what they like and respond  to best.