Child: Daniel

Age: 3 months to 1 year

Live-in Nanny

Child: Lily

Age: Infant – 1 year


Child: Richard

Age: 2

Child-Care Provider

Child: Jenna, Dana & Tyler (twins) and Troy

Age: Infant – 4 years old

Child-Care Provider

Child:  Alexa & Steven

Age:  Infant & 1 year old

Child-Care Provider

Child: Cole & Cara   

Age:   4 – 6 years old

Aspira’s Youth Leadership and Dropout Prevention Program


Jersey City’s Inner City Teenagers

Horizon Foundation for NJ

Mommy & Me Program: “Wiggles n’ Tunes”


Early Childhood Development  

Ages: Infants to 4 years old  

Elmwood Park Schools

Teacher (substitute)

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade


    *References furnished upon request



Melody in Motion, Learning through Fun!