Melody in Motion, Learning through Fun!

                     Frequently Asked Questions

What age should my child be for Melody Mom classes?

We have several classes available for children ranging from six months to 5 years. 

Can I enroll my 1-year-old and my 4-year-old in the same class?

That is entirely up to the parent/caregivers. We do offer mixed-age classes so that families can bond while enjoying class together.  The younger children grow from seeing what the older children can do, and the older children are able to arrive at a new level of confidence by serving as role models for the younger children.

What is a good age at which to begin Melody Mom Music Fun Classes?

We believe it is never too early to begin making music with your child!  An infant becomes musical in much the same way he or she learns to walk or talk: by being exposed to music, surrounded by it, immersed in it.   Don't worry, though, if your child is older and hasn't had music classes yet.  It's never too late to begin providing him or her with the joy of music making. They all find their voices in due time and will enjoy holding new instruments and hearing what sounds they make.  We are working on fine and gross motor skills and all they know is that they are having fun and being introduced to new things!

Will I be expected to sing and dance?

No one is expected to do anything he or she is not comfortable with.  However, it has been proven that that the participation of parents/caregivers (regardless of their musical ability) is crucial to a child's musical growth. You are the best example and model for your young child!  And you just might find yourself having more fun than you expected when you relax and throw yourself into the class.  With that said, Melody Mom and any of the employees are there to entertain your children, with your assistance. Please know that hands on approach will help all benefit from this class. Sing, Dance, and Watch along with us! This isn’t American Idol so no worries; there are no judges here! 

Does my child need to sit in the circle for the entire class?

We get asked this often. No… We realize that your children are children and our goal is to allow them to explore. Your child is free to move around the room.  We hope that while you keep one eye on your child and his/her safety, you will continue to participate in the class and model for your child.  Many children go home and sing all the songs, even though it may have seemed during class that they were more interested in investigating the classroom, or practicing their new crawling skills.  On the other hand, if you do happen to have a child who wants to sit in your lap the entire time, this is also fine.  All children are different, and the same child may even be different at different ages/stages of development.  We do ask, though, that there is no touching wires or equipment around the room that is unsafe. We do try our best for things to be out of reach, but sometimes that is challenging, with your help, we could have fun without booboos. Also, we do ask, for everyone's safety, that there be no running unless we are all running as part of an activity and that as long as they aren’t harming themselves and or others in the classroom, that it’s fine and completely acceptable for them to roam and explore.


Are you closed for school holidays?

We are closed for the following holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day. We are not closed for the more minor school holidays. Once again, if in doubt – please call.

Do you offer a discount for families?

Yes, families with two children attending our seasonal programs receive a discount of half price.  If it is a special event, the prices are the same for both children.

How do I know if you are closed for bad weather?

Melody Mom will contact everyone you can also check out Melody Mom's Facebook Page for updates. When there is inclement weather or staff illness, classes will be made up according to Melody Mom's schedule and class location availability.

 If my child misses a class, how do I schedule a make up class?

Make-up classes are offered as a value added benefit Melody Mom is happy to extend. However dates are based on Melody Mom's schedule and class location availability.  Students are limited to one make-up classes per four-week session or three makeup sessions for twelve weeks. Make-up classes for vacations or pre-planned absences may be made up before the missed class by joining one of our other scheduled classes (pending room availability)  Refunds are not issued for any missed classes.

To whom do I address my questions regarding instruction?

You may approach your child’s instructor after class or you may also e-mail us at MELODYMOMPARTY@GMAIL.COM. Please avoid speaking to our instructors while they are instructing.

What are the rules for music classes?

There are no real RULES, per say, however for safety and time purposes we do have implemented some.

                         General Comments

Please be on time. We do have limited time to play and enjoy our kiddies before naptimes and lunch times.

Please be mindful when talking with other Mommy’s in class. As much as we want you to enjoy yourselves too and meet new Mommy pals, please save those conversations for before and or after class. 

As stated before, please always keep an eye out on your children that they aren’t getting into something that isn’t safe for them to play with or be around.

Regular attendance is important as they learn and become more familiar with their surroundings while present.