​​Melody Mom Parties

"Get Your Kiddies Up On Their Feet, Singin' and Dancin' to Their Favorite Beats!"

As a long-time professional performer and entertainer, my dream has been to entertain. 

As a Mother of two toddlers I found my children responding in a very positive fun way to music and movement. What better way than to marry the two loves of her life,

being a Mom and a Performer!

Join Melody Mom as your children explore Rhythm, Music, and Movement...

At a Melody Mom Party they'll do just that!

Everyone is;

Song Singin',

Egg Shakin',

Rhythm Stick Tappin',

Parachute Twirlin',

Scarf Dancin'

Glitter Tattooin'!

And More ........

Melody Mom Parties are approximately 30 minutes of interactive music play,

and then after the music fun, we finish the fun off with Glitter Tattoos.

Parties up to 12 children are $250*

The difference between a Melody Mom party and any other party is that you are getting a Mommy's approach with your child AND an engaging, seasoned performer all in one.

The very best of both worlds!!!

Contact us now to throw a musical birthday party with Melody Mom.

*Prices subject to change. $75 additional for up to 25 children.

Bubble Machine rental $25

Also, ask about travel fees to select areas.
Serving Morris, Bergen and Passaic County NJ and the surrounding area

 Melody Mom Party Requirements:

 There isn't much that I'll need to get the party going

A trailer filled with peanut m&m's, but I'd like the red ones tossed out. 
And a white tiger guarding the door. Hahahaha I kid. :)
However I do ask for a few things that make my appearance a tad easier... 

  • A table and two chairs for the glitter tattoos. 
  • A plug near the performance area and or an extension chord long enough to reach the performance area. 
  • A space for our party big enough to fit a medium sized parachute and the kiddies around it, carpeted is ideal but not a deal changer if not. Or if outside, a grassy shaded area would be perfect. 
  • If the party has a lot of guests, Melody Mom asks PLEASE for a parking space close to the party location. I have a few things to bring in, and this helps a lot!
  • And finally, the balance to be paid that day via cash or check to cash, or to Renae Patti

                        (please & thank you)

 The Rhythm Sticks, Dancing Scarves and Egg Shakers are a whole lot of fun and are not dangerous at all, however it is smarter to be on a  carpeted area so nobody slips and falls and especially for the younger babies. It would be best for the parents to stick around to assist  while we utilize those fun musical party tools.

Have more questions for Melody Mom about your child's party?

Parties up to 12 children is $250

at your preferred location 

In-House Parties up to 12 children is $200

at Melody Mom

Pompton Plains location

Melody in Motion, Learning through Fun!