* Additional Testimonials available upon request.


"We had a child who was afraid of the Easter Bunny, Santa and photographer when they  came  to our school. By the end of her visit and interaction with the students, Melody Mom, through  music, singing, and change of voices, had this child laughing and enjoying himself.

 It was great to see." 

- Mrs. Bersano (A Preschool Graduation)


"Great energy. The kids loved her! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a little  something at their party."

 - Gina T. (Sons 3rd Birthday)


"Hi! I went to this event and I just wanted to say that you were GREAT! My daughters just  wanted to stay up front and dance. Thank you for being so kind to all the children and you kept them under control and it was a large group!


 - Julianna B. (Fundraiser Event)

Melody Mom is AWESOME!!! We hired her for our son's 1st birthday party last month.

 She is fun and engaging as well as very professional. The glitter tattoos were a huge hit!  We had ages ranging from 1-8 and even the older kids enjoyed her upbeat performance and were happy little helpers. Definitely recommend Melody Mom for any children's event!"


 - Heather B. (Son's 1st Birthday)


"It was my son's first birthday but siblings and friends got the benefit of Melody Mom! She was  fantastic! Even the adults thought she was great! Would highly recommend if looking for the icing on the cake for your young one's party!"

 - Julissa R. (Son's 1st Birthday)



"I had to go looking for my son and his friend. So there was this little stand with a woman sitting  on the ground singing to a couple of little children. Not only singing to them but keeping them  completely entertained. I actually found myself enjoying watching her interact with them. Now, I  don't have little ones anymore but for those of you that do I am going to recommend that you  look into the Melody Mom. Your kids are going to love her!! And if you have her over...Let me know, I want to come over too...She was very entertaining lol" 

 - Christine B. (Lincoln Park Day)


"Thanks so much for doing my son's party! Everyone said they had such a great time  and it  was obvious that the kids really enjoyed it! You are super easygoing and fun to  work with and if  we need entertainment again we would definitely use you! A lot of the  kids came up to me to  show me their glitter tattoos...they were so excited about those! I  would absolutely recommend  you to anyone who asked!"

  - Stacy M. (Sons 1st Birthday)

Melody in Motion, Learning through Fun!

 "Melody Mom came to our preschool and the teachers thought the entire program that she  presented for the children was great!" See other teacher comments below:

 “The kids had a blast! Melody Mom was so interactive with them and the children responded with    such excitement.”

 “Melody Mom was sensitive to the needs and reactions of each child and her music was lively  and interactive.”

 “I loved her outfit and it was obvious that she has combined her love for children and music into a  wonderful program! Melody Mom will definitely be coming back to Jacksonville Chapel  Preschool!"


  - The Preschool 3 Teachers & the Director of Jacksonville Chapel Preschool