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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Classes



Can I enroll my 1-year-old and my 4-year-old in the same class?

Yes, our classes are mixed-age classes ranging from 6-months and up.

What is a good age at which to begin Melody Mom class?

We believe it is never too early to introduce your child to music.  Don't worry if your child is older and hasn't had music classes, it's never too late to begin. 


Will I be expected to sing and dance?

No one is expected to do anything, however, it has been proven that your participation is important to a child's musical growth. You are the best example for your child!  Melody Mom and her team are there to teach your children with your assistance. Your hands-on approach will help so sing and dance along with us! 


Does my child need to sit in the circle for the entire class?

We get asked this often. No, your child is free to move around the room.  We hope that while you keep one eye on your child and his/her safety, you will continue to participate with them in the class.  We do ask that there is no touching wires or equipment and no running unless part of an activity.   


Do you mix up the songs performed during class?

There are regular songs we do weekly to get your kiddies comfortable, and we will interweave some new songs here and there.


Do you offer a discount to families that enroll more than one child?

Yes, families with two or more children enrolled will receive a 20% discount for each additional sibling.  If it is a special event class, the prices are the same for all children.


How do I know if you are closed for bad weather?

Melody Mom will post updates on her Melody Mom's Facebook Page.  Also, see Class Policies for more details.


If my child misses a class, how do I schedule?

Make-up classes for pre-planned absences may be made up before the missed class by joining one of our other scheduled classes (pending room availability).   Also, see Class Policies for more details.

What are the rules for Melody Mom classes?

There are no real RULES, per se, however, for safety and for time purposes, we noted what's most important below.

  • Please be on time. We do have limited class time before nap and lunch times.

  • Please be mindful when talking with other Mommy’s in class - please save those conversations for before or after class. 

  • Please keep an eye on your children at all times.


Where is Melody Mom Class held?

Our Melody Mom Room is in Friendship Hall at 525 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains. Go through the main doors of Friendship Hall and up the steps to the left.  Strollers can be left at the bottom of the stairs off to the side.  


Parking is on the street, behind the building or across the street in the municipal parking lot.


To whom do I address my questions regarding instructions?

You may approach your child’s instructor after class or you may also e-mail us at  Please avoid speaking to our instructors while they are instructing.



  • Please arrive on time or even a few minutes earlier to get yourselves familiar with the room, if you haven't been there before.


  • If your child is sick, please keep them home.  You can make up a class by coming to the alternate class as long you give me notice and there is room.



Guardians, please wear socks, or if you'd like to borrow socks, you may. They get cleaned afterward. Children will be barefoot so it's safer if they are walking around.


  • There is NO food or toys from home allowed in the classroom.  


  • We inform guardians of our Melody Mom Class Updates on our Facebook Page.  Please go to our Melody Mom Facebook Page and like it to follow and see our updates.   It is important to check our Facebook Page prior to every class as it is the place to see class updates due to weather, illness and other emergencies.  If you do not have a Facebook page, please let me know.