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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Parties



How far in advance do I have to book?

We receive new bookings every day, often months in advance.  That being said, most people book 3-4 weeks in advance.  We, unfortunately, cannot hold dates/times unless a deposit has been made, so please make sure you're 100% ready to book.   


When should Melody Mom start?

We recommend to start 45-60 minutes into the party if you are serving food, otherwise, we suggest 30 minutes into the party to allow time for your guests to arrive.


Can kids eat during your performance?

We suggest you serve food before or after Melody Mom.


Do you bring everything for the activities?

We bring all the props and instruments including shakers, scarves, and a parachute (our parachute requires a medium to large open space). 


What do you need from us for your set-up?

Melody Mom is able to do parties in any space but ask that you clear a large area for us to dance and play.  We do need a few things to help ensure a great party:

-A small table, and chair (2 Chairs if having glitter tattoos) 

-A plug outlet and/or an extension cord near the performance area

-A space for a medium sized parachute and kiddies around it

-A carpeted area (preferred) or if outside, a grassy shaded area (this is required for bubble add-on)

-A parking space close to the performance area as heavy equipment will be brought in 

-Final payment either cash or check to Cash or Renae Patti


Can adults join in?

We encourage EVERYONE to join in on the fun! 


What happens if the number of children attending changes?

We request 7 days notice of changes.  Additional charges may incur depending on the increased number of children.  


Does Melody Mom have a travel fee?

Yes, travel fees apply if traveling 20 miles outside of Wayne, NJ.  We serve Morris, Bergen, and Passaic Counties and surrounding areas. 

What happens if we have to reschedule?

We will work with you to reschedule based on availability on a different day.

How much of a deposit do you require?

We require a deposit which is non-refundable.  If you cancel no refunds will be granted.   We will try to move your party to another date as long as the date/time is available.  We will require a new deposit.  Please understand when you book your party, the date and time we reserved, is for you. 

Deposits Required

SHAKEY, SHAKEY - Party Cost $250. requires $50. deposit

SQUIGGLY WIGGLY - Party Cost $350. requires $75. deposit

JIVE & JAM - Party Cost $450. requires $100. deposit

*Party Extras and Add-Ons may increase the amount of deposit required.  

What if it rains the day of my party?

In the case of inclement weather,  Melody Mom, along with her guests, will need a covered/sheltered area.  

Is Melody Mom insured?

Yes, Melody Mom carries liability insurance and is also CPR certified.


  • The Rhythm Sticks and Egg Shakers are not dangerous, however, it is smarter, especially for the younger babies, for the parents to stick around to assist with those instruments. They are all cleaned before and after your event with alcohol wipes (70% alcohol) or you can pick the package that gets you brand new music tools to use at the party and keep.

  • For parties with our Glitter Tattoos,  we like to inform you that they are messy...BUT SO MUCH FUN!   Applying them does take some time, patience, and some assistance from parents to help rally their kiddies in an orderly fashion. We use sanitizer on both the child and Melody Mom before each application.

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