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Melody Mom Trial Class


As an expert in my field, I see children trial a class on many occasions and most times it doesn’t do the child any justice! The child feels pressure from a new experience and with a very vibrant room, lots of new faces, and Melody Mom full of energy, it’s unfair to expect that this suddenly works for every child.


In our experience, wanting to see if your child will enjoy Melody Mom by coming in for only one class to “try it out” does not work.  For a newcomer to the class, a "1 class" is never enough, it's just the warm-up.  Melody Mom believes that by giving a child a "3 class chance", there is a higher percentage rate that it’ll be a win for everyone!


Contact us so we can talk more about your situation.  We can get to know more about you and your child and recommend which 3 trial classes might be best for him or her.  


Our 3 Trial Class Session is $45. and have to be used in 3 consecutive weeks. 


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